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Species: Pseudotsuga menziesii
Sources: Western USA, Canada, UK
Characteristics of the tree: A tall tree with a straight trunk, it grows to an average height of 200ft but can reach 300ft. Forest-grown trees produce trunks up to 6.5ft in daimeter and are free of branches for much of their height.
Characteristics of the wood: A straight-grained reddish-brown timber, with distinctive earlywood and katewood grain. Obtainable in large knot-free sizes.
Workability: Works well with hand and machine tools, but can dull cutting edges. Can be brought to a smooth finish, but the harder latewood grain can be left proud of the surface after sanding.
Average dried weight: 33lb per cubic ft
Finishing: Stains relatively well, although latewood is more resistant. It can be satisfactorily painted or varnished.
Common uses: Joinery, plywood. Widely used for building construction.
Image courtesy of the Collins Good Wood Handbook by Albert Jackson & David Day
Douglas Fir Lumber
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* denotes subject to availability
Selects and Commons Commons Selects
  #4 #3 #2 D SEL C&BTR
1x4 thru 1x12 Mixed Grain S4S       x x
1x4 thru 1x12 Vertical Grain S4S         x
2x4 thru 2x12 Mixed Grain S4S       x x
2x4 thru 2x12 Vertical Grain S4S         x
Factory and Shop Grades Shop / 3 Clear Selects
4/4x4 thru 4/4x12RGH          
Mixed Grain     x x x
Vertical Grain         x
5/4 RW&L RGH & S2S     x x x
6/4 RW&L RGH & S2S     x x x
8/4 (Full)x4 thru 8/4x12 RGH     x x x
Mixed Grain     x x x
Vertical Grain         x
Timbers STD&BTR #2 & BTR #1 FOHC SEL STRUC  
3x3 thru 28x28 and over RGH orS4S 6 to 42' lengths x x x* x*  
Douglas Fir #4 Clear and #1 Shop Grades
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Image courtesy of WWPA