Eastern White Pine KD 8-12% MC Furniture and Selects

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Species: Pinus monticola
Sources: USA, Canada
Characteristics of the tree: A medium-size tree, up to 125 ft in height but can be taller. It produces a straight trunk about 3 ft in diameter.
Characteristics of the wood: A straight-grained even textured wood. Pale yellow to reddish brown, with little variation in color between earlywood and latewood. It has fine resin-duct lines, and is similar to but tougher than yellow pine. It shrinks slightly more than yellow pine.
Workability: Works easily with hand and machine tools. Glues well.
Average dried weight: 28 lb per cubic ft
Finishing: Takes, stain, paint and varnish well.
Common uses: Joinery such as doors, windows and skirtings, building construction, built-in furniture, boat building, pattern making, plywood.
Image courtesy of the Collins Good Wood Handbook by Albert Jackson & David Day
Eastern White Pine Products
Factory and Shop Grades
4/4 thru 12/4 Furniture Grades
4/4 thru 8/4 D & BTR RGH
4x4 Furniture Squares
Industrial Grades

NELMA 2A and Better Furniture
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No. 2 Cuts or Better
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Board Grades

D & Better Select
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Images courtesy of NELMA