Radiata Pine

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Species: Pinus radiata
Sources: USA
Characteristics of the tree: Cultivated trees grown to a height a 190 ft with upward pointing brances and a rounded top.
Characteristics of the wood: Has large, wide pale-colored sapwood which is distinct from the pinkish-brown heartwood. The growth rings show less contrast than other pines, resulting in a relatively uniform texture. Resin ducts appear as fine brown lines.
Workability: Has little dulling effect on cutters, which must have thin, sharp edges. Tearing can occur around knots. Holds nails well and gluing is satisfactory.
Average dried weight: 30 lb per cubic ft
Finishing: Takes stain, paint, and varnish well.
Common uses: Building and general construction, crates and boxes. Dressing grades can be used for joinery.
Image courtesy of World Woods in Color by William A. Lincoln
Radiata Pine Products
Finish Grades
1 x 4 thru 1 x 12 C & Better Selects
Factory and Shop Grades
4/4 thru 84/4 Moulding and Better Rough
C & Better Selects
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