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Species: Pinus strobus
Sources: USA, Eastern Canada
Characteristics of the tree: A medium-size tree about 100 ft in height and up to 3 ft in diameter.
Characteristics of the wood: A soft and weak pine, fine even texture and inconspicuous annual growth rings. It is pale yellow to pale brown with fine resin-duct marks. It is noted for its low shrinkage and stability, but it is not durable.
Workability: Works easily with hand and machine tools, which must be kept sharp for best results. It is a good wood to carve and it glues well.
Average dried weight: 26 lb per cubic ft
Finishing: It takes stain, paint, varnish and polish well.
Common uses: Engineering pattern making, drawing boards, high-class joinery, furniture, light building construction, carving.
Image courtesy of the Collins Good Wood Handbook by Albert Jackson & David Day
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